The glow stick is an excellent picture of what it is like to be a Christian. If you have never operated a glow stick here is how it works. A clear plastic tube is filled with two substances that are isolated from each other. When this tube is bent the substances combine and the resulting chemical reaction produces light. The bending and shaking process is referred to by my kids as “breaking.” Here is the point – if you don’t bend the glow stick it remains a clear plastic tube – it cannot do what it was made for unless it is
broken. But once it is broken, then the glow stick shines.

The same is true for Jesus followers. As imperfect creatures, we are made up of many mistakes. We have lied. We have made ourselves more important than other people. We have turned our back on God and done what we thought was right instead of asking him what is right and following that advice. King David walked this road too. After being confronted with his sin of improper sexual relations, murder and lust, he said in Psalm 51:17 that God desires nothing but a broken spirit and a broken and contrite heart. Brokenness is a part of the Christian condition. Try to find one person in Scripture that doesn’t fall short. There’s only one and He is Jesus. Our vulnerability before God and others will produce fruit. When we acknowledge our sin and failures before God and others, it is just as with the glow stick, we start to shine. “You are the light of the world,”
Jesus says, “a city on a hill cannot be hidden” (Matthew 5:14). When we become broken and contrite in our being, we shine so brightly that we can’t hide we are His.

So let us, as a body of Jesus, be broken together. Let us be vulnerable. Let us share with one another the hardest most difficult hurts in our souls. And let us experience the light that comes with openness and humility between us and God and between us and other believers. We need brokenness to start mixing with the Holy Spirit inside of us. When this happens we start to shine in the darkness. A difference between glow sticks and humans
is that our chemical reaction will never cease. As long as we appear broken before God and bring him all of our junk, our reaction will continually put forth light. Light that our world desperately needs.

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