“When Jesus heard these things, he marveled at him, and turning to the crowd that followed him, said, ‘I tell you, not even in Israel have I found such faith.’” Luke 7:9

In this Scripture passage from Luke 7, Luke shares with us the story of Jesus celebrating a victory. In this story, we have a centurion, a Roman soldier, who, after hearing about the miracle working Jesus persuaded some elders of the Jews to go and get Jesus so that a servant of this centurion could be healed.

The Jews approach Jesus to ask him to help this centurion and cited quite a few good things this centurion did for the Jewish people. Jesus agreed and on the approach to the centurion’s house, the centurion sent friends to intercept this envoy because according to the centurion, he was not worthy to have Jesus inside his house. Moreover, this Roman soldier believed Jesus could heal the servant from afar. Jesus was amazed and celebrated the faith of this Gentile.

Jesus shows us that it is important to realize God is at work. It is important to celebrate the victories that God brings into our lives. Through our efforts, God is working and reaching out to expand his kingdom within us, around us and to the ends of the earth.

But all too often we hear the bad news. It is easy to be overcome with innocent blood being shed, a bully taking out frustrations on another, a parent abusing a child. In this chaotic, sin-filled world, it is important to know that our good and awesome God is still at work. Join with me as we celebrate the victories.

  • An estimated 35 people walked through our doors for the first time in 2017.
  • A regular attender made a first time commitment to Christ.
  • Youth group attendance of unchurched students has increased.
  • Volunteers are increasing including five new Sunday school teachers and five new adult leaders in youth small groups on Sunday nights
  • A quarterly breakfast was established to get to know our neighbors better.
  • Bible studies are aiding our congregation in growing as disciples.

Victories are important to note and celebrate because it’s easy to be distracted by the bad. We live in a broken world. But God is still working. As members of God’s kingdom, we need to know and be reminded of that. Let us celebrate victories and let us celebrate what God has done and what God will do in and through our lives and his church at Faith Chapel.

Dear God, thank you for being with us. Continue to increase your fruit in us. Amen.

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