April 6

April 6

Daily Devotional: submitted by Ally Musselman

I am a very stubborn person. And I don’t always believe people or follow the advice of people who know better than I do. When I was in college, I had the opportunity to work at a summer camp. I chose to go up early when my boss asked if I could help with the last two school groups of the year. I was excited. Because I was set on being independent and proving myself, or proving my grandparents wrong, I chose to drive my car to the camp the night that I moved out of my dorm. Normally this would probably be fine, but my car was old and not very reliable. I convinced myself it would be fine, but as it turned out… it wasn’t. I had to call my grandparents from the side of I-69 and tell them my car broke down. I felt so embarrassed. It’s a funny story to laugh about now because I know how everything turned out, but in that moment, I was devastated.

Peter told Jesus that even if he had to die with him, he would not fall away. Jesus tells Peter that he will deny knowing him (Jesus) three times before the rooster crows. Peter didn’t believe this. But then it happened. Immediately after his third denial the rooster crowed the second time, and Peter remembered what Jesus had said. Peter began to weep. I expect that Peter was feeling embarrassed… Humiliated… Guilty.

What are the places in our lives where we, like Peter, are ignoring Jesus, or not believing the things he teaches us? What are the times when we should be listening to the wisdom of Scripture, but instead we do it our own way, only to end up sitting on the side of the road, in the dark, late at night? We all need to think about the times in our lives when we are denying Jesus’ truth. We don’t need to deny Jesus. We don’t need to doubt Jesus. We can trust Him because He has been there (He has already experienced everything we go through…). And He has the ultimate victory. Victory over sin. Victory over death. Victory over brokenness.

Scripture: Mark 14:66-72

66 While Peter was below in the courtyard, one of the servant girls of the high priest came by. 67 When she saw Peter warming himself, she looked closely at him.

“You also were with that Nazarene, Jesus,” she said.

68 But he denied it. “I don’t know or understand what you’re talking about,” he said, and went out into the entryway.

69 When the servant girl saw him there, she said again to those standing around, “This fellow is one of them.” 70 Again he denied it.

After a little while, those standing near said to Peter, “Surely you are one of them, for you are a Galilean.”

71 He began to call down curses, and he swore to them, “I don’t know this man you’re talking about.”

72 Immediately the rooster crowed the second time. Then Peter remembered the word Jesus had spoken to him: “Before the rooster crows twice you will disown me three times.” And he broke down and wept.

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