“But the Lord did not want to destroy Judah, for he had promised his servant David that his descendants would continue to rule, shining like a lamp forever.”

2 Kings 8:19

In my house, I am a light dictator. If the bathroom light is on and no one is in there, I make a snarky comment and walk out of my way turn it off. If lights are on upstairs and no one’s home, I will grumble and walk up the stairs with the sole purpose to turn lights off. It is a waste, in my opinion, 

On the other hand, if the light is being utilized by someone, I don’t barge in and turn it off. We have electricity to be used for this very reason. In this way, 2 Kings 8:19 stands out to me. The king at this point is Jehoram. Jehoram was a terrible king. He killed all of his brothers and other leaders of Judah to take away any threat of them taking over his crown. He made a marriage alliance with Ahab, possibly the worst king in all of Israel’s history and he walked in Ahab’s way of worshipping deities other than the one true God. It is a bleak time. I see no one in the house of God, but the scriptures say, even though the house isn’t in use, the light is on. God, obviously, has a different reaction to this dilemma than I do. God turns into Motel 6. He kept that light shining. 

And that light is still shining today. This light of God that shines forever is Jesus, who is a descendant of David, who is eternal, and who will always be sitting on the throne of believers’ hearts, minds, and souls. God made these promises nearly a thousand years before Jesus walked the earth. And the light has never even flickered. God’s words are trustworthy. He will not let us down on anything he has promised. He will return. And we will see him face to face one day. Be encouraged by all of God’s promises. They will come to pass. 

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